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Thumlers A-R2 Twin Barrel Tumbling Machine.

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The Thumlers A-R2 Rock Tumbler

If you wish to up the ante with a larger capacity kit then the Thulmers model a-r2 tumbler with its striking red livery is definitely one to investigate.  Dual barrels are ideal for running multiple batches simultaneously which are of different hardness rock types.  As an example you could run tiger eye in one barrel and something softer in another, starting them at 80 at the same time, but with the softer material progressing onto finer grits more quickly as they will be shaped to the required form a lot faster.  By the time one set has completed, the other may still be only halfway through due to having to repeat step 1 more iterations.  With two barrels you can therefore begin a fresh batch of a third type without delay.

Having said this, twin 3lb barrels on a Thumlers A-R2 tumbler are also useful for churning out more of the same type.  Both will be in step gritwise, so double the quantity can be produced if that's the overall goal.  With each cleanout, the poorer quality rocks can be sifted and placed together - retaining them in coarser grit for longer whilst the smoother samples can move forward towards the final polish.  It is also often desireable to start out with two barrels - both of which contain the same gem type, but after the 80 is complete, there may not be sufficient left in each barrel to maintain the correct levels - it is frequently the case that we find the ability to combine the two batches into a single barrel extremely useful, as maintaining the correct level ensures an even tumbling action.

Pros :-

The Thumlers A-R2 has twin 3lb barrels for double the load.
Due to them being a major brand, accessories and spares are easily obtainable should they be required.  We consider the actual barrels as rock tumbling consumeables really, and eventually they will always need disposing of and replacing with new ones.
Telephone contact and support is available - and many people already utilise the brand - in particular the A-R1 AND A-R2 so there is a wealth of expertise out there ready to be tapped into should you hit upon any issue you can't easily resolve without help.
Very low volume tumbler - especially considering its capacity.

Cons :-

In all fairness and honesty we found the a-r2 very difficult to fault.  So anything in this section is realistically just niggles as opposed to a major flaw in the design, build or operation of this rock tumbler.

Some machines, as you will see, have covered motors and drive belts.  A little bit of extra diligence could be required to make sure water or other fluids (or anything else for that matter) do not get into the motor on the A-R2.  The cooling holes are very open and susceptible to this, but again, we stress, that if care is taken this is not really a deal breaking feature.  If using in a dusty environment, it may be worth taking a vacuum hose to the motor every once in a while to keep it clean.

The lovely looking red finish can look dirty after a while - hows that for scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find a fault!!!

In summary we highly recommend the Thumlers A-R2 as an excellent choice for anyone requiring a bit of extra capacity without the need for getting into the big boys of the tumbler market.

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